Monday, June 6, 2011

Journey Monroe

A few weeks ago I had a meeting with Emma O'Brien regarding a book cover shoot. Emma wanted a video shot as well, so I had put her in contact with Dima who I'd worked with before. After a few meetings it all finally came together, and we shot the video and made the photographs all in the same day.

Dima worked on the video, shooting around the photographs being taken; and likewise when the video was being shot the other way around. It worked really well, and despite worries on the weather turning we managed to work around it.

The brief for the photography was to create images of 'Journey's' rise to fame, and catalogue her life through the years. Emma managed to find the perfect model, as she had a younger sister who would play the 'young journey' in the video and photographs. Bethany (Journey) was a great model to work with, despite her age she was confident and followed direction perfectly.

The shooting list was compiled of the following: A book cover, Dancing in a studio, Book/Movie Premier, Guitar playing, Recording studio, Various on location, Mother and Daughter, young Journey in park, young Journey at table with some drinks. I think that was about it.

Well we managed it, the shoot took 6 hours in total. I've added a few below although these are by no means a final edit. It should give a feel for the results. Please note I've added links to Emma's website, and the Journey Monroe facebook page below.

One of the proposed shots for the cover

A casual at rest during a dance performance

Reading at leisure - I love the back light from the window

This was a rough mock up using an image for a cover/poster at a premier - it was shot with on camera flash to give that 'press' look 

This was Journey as a child - the photograph has been aged to imply a time scale

This time shot with on camera flash to give a 'home snap' feel. I've over saturated and allowed the background to wash out to heighten this effect

Journey in a recording studio. 
 Here are the following links: (click on names)

Emma O'Brien's Website

Journey Monroe's facebook group

Thursday, June 2, 2011

BLAC Jewellery Shoot online

I've not posted anything for a few days as I've been working on a new website. However last months Fashion goes online at (link) Fused Magazine