Thursday, August 25, 2011

From the outside looking in...

I have just completed editing and print making for a forthcoming exhibition. I've added two of the featured image below. The project titled. 'From the outside looking in.. portraits given on the streets of Istanbul' is an exploration into many different dimensions of street photography. I set myself a challenge of photographing people on the street, but only asking for their permission first - hence 'given' in the sub-title.

Questions which the project opened were, 'Is it possible to represent a city from street portraiture?' - 'Is it possible for a outsider 'foreigner' to a city understand it's people?'

I utilised many different methodologies during this project, to start with the very first visit employed a Dérive of the city. However upon reflection this resulted in a very small capture; so upon consultation my return visit was far more informed. I would visit many different districts, and consider the time of day and the type of people I would encounter.

Without wishing to label or stereotype people I titled each image by the location, time and date. The mounting and print type have been considered, along with finish and location within exhibition. At the exhibition there will be cards for people to take; these include a special code which allows a complimentary download of an e-book of the exhibition - This again is considered as the portraits were 'given' and not taken. However of course sales of prints will be available and limited to production of only 10 per image.

I'll post details soon of the opening as dates are confirmed.

Çeşme Sk. Taksim 13:23  3/8/11

Tesvikiye Cd. Nisantasi 16:34  8/8/11

Thursday, August 4, 2011

From Israel to Istanbul

It didn't seem that long ago I was sweating out pints in Israel, and now the same in Istanbul. Something has to be said for the UK, at least dehydration isn't an issue. I'm aware that I have a catalog of work to edit from Israel, some of which will be postponed until the end of August.

I'm now working on my final project in Istanbul. It's a follow on from my last visit, this time with more local information and of course reflecting upon what I missed last time - or indeed improve upon what I have. One thing that does strike me is the overwhelming complexity that this project has unfolded. I'm already thinking that I will need to visit again, and in fact that will never be enough. In fact things like this just keep evolving and progressing. I guess much like you never really understand a country on one visit, and in fact do I really understand my own place of residence.

However what I do appreciate is the visual feast that the city has to offer, and more so how willing people are ready to assist you. I entered an area today which is predominately religious. I asked again and again for permission to photograph women; and each time I was refused. I'm not completely ignorant to that fact that certain sects deny this act... it's just sometimes you just have to keep asking. I'll try again another day, just a different area and perhaps with a command of the language I'll stand a chance.

Well tomorrow brings another day of shooting. I'm looking forward to it, and of course Friday is a special day around my next destination. It will be a long day, but after my results today the harder you work the better it gets! Again a lack of images, but in the coming weeks updates will start to become more frequent... an exhibition looming, coupled with a Thesis due the 25th... my energy is slightly diverted.