Thursday, August 25, 2011

From the outside looking in...

I have just completed editing and print making for a forthcoming exhibition. I've added two of the featured image below. The project titled. 'From the outside looking in.. portraits given on the streets of Istanbul' is an exploration into many different dimensions of street photography. I set myself a challenge of photographing people on the street, but only asking for their permission first - hence 'given' in the sub-title.

Questions which the project opened were, 'Is it possible to represent a city from street portraiture?' - 'Is it possible for a outsider 'foreigner' to a city understand it's people?'

I utilised many different methodologies during this project, to start with the very first visit employed a Dérive of the city. However upon reflection this resulted in a very small capture; so upon consultation my return visit was far more informed. I would visit many different districts, and consider the time of day and the type of people I would encounter.

Without wishing to label or stereotype people I titled each image by the location, time and date. The mounting and print type have been considered, along with finish and location within exhibition. At the exhibition there will be cards for people to take; these include a special code which allows a complimentary download of an e-book of the exhibition - This again is considered as the portraits were 'given' and not taken. However of course sales of prints will be available and limited to production of only 10 per image.

I'll post details soon of the opening as dates are confirmed.

Çeşme Sk. Taksim 13:23  3/8/11

Tesvikiye Cd. Nisantasi 16:34  8/8/11

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