Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Western Wall - Jerusalem

One of the most sacred places for members of Judaism to pray, the Western Wall or otherwise referred to as the 'Wailing Wall' is without question one of the most visited parts of Jerusalem. The most exposed section measures some 57 meters across, and 19 meters above ground that you can see.

There is a common practice for pilgrims to place there prayers on notes of paper, in the cracks formed between the large stones. The idea being that the wishes are more likely to be heard. Also at the same time many people will come and pray at the same time.

The only restriction is that you  must cover your head, they offered Kippah's for you to borrow. Also women are not permitted to pray at the same section as the men. The wall is then divided approximately 3/4 to men and 1/4 to women.

I've selected a few images taken, presented in B/W more are available through Flickr (where I've started to upload my images for sale) (link)

Hopefully this selection will convey the daily atmosphere of the Wall in Israel.

The Western Wall is easily found following the dominant 'Dome of the Rock'

All ages attend the wall together

The Wall is crammed full of small notes into every millimeter

Prayers are repeated over and over

The scale of the wall only becomes visible at a distance

Prayers are written with hope of being answered

Even Prayers are whispered to the Wall

A single place of shade offered from the midday heat

Even Soldiers visit the wall with hopes