Thursday, August 4, 2011

From Israel to Istanbul

It didn't seem that long ago I was sweating out pints in Israel, and now the same in Istanbul. Something has to be said for the UK, at least dehydration isn't an issue. I'm aware that I have a catalog of work to edit from Israel, some of which will be postponed until the end of August.

I'm now working on my final project in Istanbul. It's a follow on from my last visit, this time with more local information and of course reflecting upon what I missed last time - or indeed improve upon what I have. One thing that does strike me is the overwhelming complexity that this project has unfolded. I'm already thinking that I will need to visit again, and in fact that will never be enough. In fact things like this just keep evolving and progressing. I guess much like you never really understand a country on one visit, and in fact do I really understand my own place of residence.

However what I do appreciate is the visual feast that the city has to offer, and more so how willing people are ready to assist you. I entered an area today which is predominately religious. I asked again and again for permission to photograph women; and each time I was refused. I'm not completely ignorant to that fact that certain sects deny this act... it's just sometimes you just have to keep asking. I'll try again another day, just a different area and perhaps with a command of the language I'll stand a chance.

Well tomorrow brings another day of shooting. I'm looking forward to it, and of course Friday is a special day around my next destination. It will be a long day, but after my results today the harder you work the better it gets! Again a lack of images, but in the coming weeks updates will start to become more frequent... an exhibition looming, coupled with a Thesis due the 25th... my energy is slightly diverted.

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