Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Manchester/Salford Trip

On the 20th of September we had a field trip to Manchester and undertook a walking project. It followed the waterways from the Victoria Street Station, through to the Lowry Gallery. I thought I'd share some images taken from that day. I've added a brief description to each image.

I made a composite from four different images, all from a underpass. Each is very different although they are all the same light fitting. I'm still working on the composition as I'm not sure of the black space.

This caught my attention as of many examples of nature taking back from the man-made intrusions.

The Juxtaposition between the Nouveau Riche and the following image.

This is the water and the following Image at the Lowry

Again a view of new urban living section into pods. I enjoyed the dynamic lines and the Voyeuristic nature of this lifestyle. 

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