Thursday, July 14, 2011


The practical consideration of a door is obvious, a temporary means of dividing two spaces with something that can be moved. However the symbolic meaning that is represented is far higher. The person whom holds a key for example is not only considered a gate keeper, but has a station of power and control. The doors will protect and provide shelter from a hard wind, protect and halt any unwanted visitors. The meanings and historical importance is endless.

I recently spend time in Israel and Palestine, these are but only  few doors that I chose to photograph. It could perhaps be the starting point of a collection, an obsession or just a means of keeping a record.

The neglect and muted colours make this door blend into it's surround

Where some doors are trying to blend into the wall

Some act as a celebration of colour and painting to draws a child's attention

Grand gestures of masonry frame ornate hinged doors

And not from just the outside but the beauty that waits inside

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