Monday, June 11, 2012

Meadow Street Preston - The Shutters

I happen to live in this local area, and I've always been curious about these brightly painted shutters. I can't think how long ago it must have been, but I myself was a former 'Aerosolic artist' - So seeing these around the area had always had me interested.

It's not often that you fall upon a photographic opportunity. In fact what I should say it's not often that your eyes are not open to a photographic opportunity. Thankfully this Sunday my eyes were well and truly focused.

I was lucky enough to meet the artist 'Moot' and the instigator Robin Maudsley. It seems that the project has been going for some time now, and has received some funding from the Arts council. The rest of the funding was put forward by a Local Members Grant, through County Councillor Carl Crompton. It seems that 'Moot' donated his time for free to help complete the project!

The idea behind the project came from Robin, and working with Moot, they've been able to create something inspirational from something mundane.

Moot starts work on making another creative addition to the otherwise plain shutters

Local people are celebrated along the streets security shutters

The artists palet 

To really appreciate this project you have to visit the street at closing time. Oddly enough perhaps not what the local businesses might like; but despite this they all want their shutters painting next! At the time a local Jewellery store was making inquiries.

layers of paint are applied to build up the desired effect

The paintings are updated keeping the look fresh, and relevant to local events

Local children look on inspired and ask questions what is coming next!

This time it's a simple refresh and something to celebrate the Olympics. 

'Moot' The artist and Robin Maudsley the man who started the project. 

Both Moot and Robin look on discussing the updates, and plans for the next artistic creation
Moot is looking for more projects around the city. It's worth looking at his blog (link) where you can see more of his work; or if like me you are local to Preston, just take a stroll down Meadow street... you never know who you'll see at work

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