Saturday, September 15, 2012

Boundaries - Conversation with the Global. Exhibition at the Cube

It's been a while since posting but I thought I would update this with a post from the current exhibition. I have selected only but a few pieces of work that are being exhibited.The exhibition has an eclectic mix of traditional print based work, to multi media presentations, and a large canvas.

These are from Marianne Van-Loo, Livia Lazar, Kev Pritchard and of course myself. Other Photographers have their work included making a total of 10 contributors.

From the outside looking in. A series by David Wade

Free postcards and a link card which allows the visitor to download an e-book
 David Wade's work are prints made on a high quality 'Metallic' paper which absorbs the light and refracts it creating a luminance. The Prints have been mounted on MDF board and stand 3/4 of inch away from the wall. The idea being that there should be no frame or glass to act as a barrier or constriction to the subject.

Kev Pritchard's work which looks at a Slate Quarry in North Wales
A High Quality Image invites the viewer to step inside a darken room. From the outside you can hear the wind blowing, and distant 'chinking' noises of slate being mined
Once inside chairs await the viewer allowing rest. The screen projects a series of images from the slate mine.
 Your senses are muted with a cool dark room, the only focus are the images in front of you. During the presentation the wind blows, and mine noises echo around you. A deep solemn voice echoes reading poetry - the combination creates a feeling of actually standing where the images were captured.

Livia Lazars exhibition of a series captured in Romania
The series reflects on the older values which are becoming lost in the country.
Livia's work creates a narrative which flows in the image selection. With beautiful composition the photographs are only but a few of a larger collection, all featured in a book and postcards. More of her work can be found here (link)

Marianne Van-Loo. Diesel for successful living
Included as part of the exhibition is a limited newspaper

Marianne's work is a series which reflects upon India's changing economy. "This series was inspired by Harpers' ideas on expanding sociological vision and Pragers' book Delirious Delhi. With this series I wanted to render social processes. In particular to document how the world's largest democracy (India) operates on a local level. Much of the services provided as seen in this series, will disappear in the future as India will open its door to Foreign Direct Investment. These are photographs of service providers in Pansheel Park, an enclave in south Delhi, where I currently live and work"

Marianne's Newspaper is in limited production and copies can be purchased here (link)

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