Friday, February 25, 2011

Carol May's Ballet school

I've made the start of a on going project relating to Ballet in the Arts field. So with arrangements made and consent from Adults, I started with some documentary shots informally placed within her dance studio. These are the first bunch from a preliminary edit.

The series will lead onto more studies. Last night I completed a studio session with the same three girls, all of these images need to be post-produced so I'll post some in the next few days.

The Project should lead onto a documentary series, based on the next show the entire school will perform. I'll follow this with updates coming over the next few months.


al said...

I guess the 5th one is the one you told me about (uncertainty etc.) Amazing project, I really like what you're doing with it and the plans you have for the future. I am not a specialist but do some of these look a bit overexposed in the window area or this is the appearance you like to create - very bright, white? My favourite photo is the last one. I want to photograph a dancer as well, my cousin likes to dance, I want to take some photos of her doing incredible stuff but we'll see. I look forward to the studio shots as well. I guess that the performance will be amazing, good luck to you and to the girls as well.

David said...

Hi sorry I've only just spotted your comment, you're right that image is far too over-exposed. I did push the edited image up and only now looking at the blog I can see that. I printed one of these, and for that print I brought back some of the detail. I've just posted some more studio shots, but have loads more. Hopefully in the next coming weeks I'll have more. The girls were very excited with the results, one asking if she could post them on her facebook!

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