Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nikon tips and Tricks day

I've just returned from a complimentary training day provided by Nikon. I had an email from Nikon regarding these days as I gained NPC status buying my last camera. I went along with Marianne as she has the same camera set up as myself.

The day was pretty good, although a feeling of overwhelming technophobia came over me half way through. I did gain some useful tip and short cuts, all things I guess you could find in your instructions given enough time. Some useful setting for saving short-cuts and saving your pre-sets - so that when some messes about with your camera you are back to your starting point.

However one thing that did interest me was using the camera interval timer. I'm going to have a play with this setting and see what I can produce. It's nothing I can see that would have great market appeal, but more just for another creative aspect. I've found a nice clip that I'll make into the following post, this illustrates this feather well.

One other thing that did impress upon me was the video feature. The trainer mentioned how some known photographers have lost clients as they haven't embraced the video feature for short clips... again looking back at my last post of Calumet day (link) this was considered a new shift then. So for now an interval timer and keep my options open. Unfortunately my D700 doesn't facilitate video so something to consider on the next camera/or second body.

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