Thursday, March 31, 2011


All being well I'll be heading to Manchester Airport tomorrow, and catching an afternoon flight to Istanbul, Turkey. I've found myself in a fortunate position that my fiancee has a conference to attend, and I've been able to straggle along paying for my flight.

The last time I was in Istanbul was over a year ago, and the city was a brief encounter as we travelled to Ankara and Cappadica all within a week or so. I took my camera along of course, but didn't shoot as much as I thought. I like to think the last visit was more observation, getting a feel for the city and thinking out ideas without an outlet. However my return will be a different matter.

I plan on shooting each day that I am there. It means approx. four shoots all of different subject matter. I'm pretty confident that the first day will be a lot of stock images. I only state this as I'm sure I'll have my tourist focus in mind, and capture all of those typical images.

Day one. Blue Mosque, and city scenes
Day two. Fishing and food around one of the main bridges
Day three. People working in the Bazzar and stalls.
Day four. People again but more off the main streets, small coffee shops etc.

extra: Protest? typically the main street on a Sunday has a protest of some kind.

Although this is a very brief outline hopefully I'll expand more as I shoot. I myself have very little - if I'm honest no understanding of Turkish language. Which will add another dynamic the situation. I will only be able to communicate in English; so whatever happens I'll not understand. This is of course problematic and will provide some primary evidence for future papers on local v's western photography.

Already in reflection I feel I will be a different photographer on the ground. I will be considering a completely different set of ethics and practices in my visit. Hopefully this is something that will be reflected in my work I'll produce.

I'll also be posting a journal online on this blog, however the images will follow as I intend to post produce when back in the UK.

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