Sunday, April 3, 2011

Istanbul - day one

This wasn't a great start at all. We arrived last night (Friday) last at around 11PM then went out to meet friends. The club we went to was pretty expensive, but some (famous local) band was playing. We met up with Mary's friends, had a couple of 10TL beers and moved on. It started to rain but thankfully we sat under a canopy with heaters. I love the service in Turkey, beer after beer was brought to the table. At around 3 AM we headed home.

The following day (real day one) I walked Mary towards the conference, and carried some of the display materials. I had my camera in my Billingham satchels so it looked pretty discrete. I'd only worn a T-shirt under my coat it was pretty cold. It had also started to rain again, not so heavy this time.

I decided that I needed to buy a hoodie, and try and blend in (as much as I ever could)  It would also stop my head getting so wet and cold. I'd not shaved before leaving and my beard is starting to get quite thick. This is also a bonus as I feel less aware of myself, and feel that I can start to blend in. It took an age to find something, and as I walked back and forth getting wetter and wetter; my spirits started to sink. I was getting into a funk, and finding it hard become inspired. I didn't want to take any photographs, I knew that my camera would need some kind of cover. I even knew I could wrap a plastic bag over it. I kept walking around without firing a single frame. The rain grew heavier and with it inspiration had completely left me. Dejected and down I returned to the hotel room, at least I could be dry and start on some writing for my journal.

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