Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Istanbul - The Fisherman

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Li said...

Great story, David. I love anchovies (but not in huge quantities of oil like they are presented in the UK); don't know if he told you but in that part of the world people eat them as they are, fresh, or slightly fried - absolutely gorgeous - men love them with beer. I love the photo with the fish in the bowl and also the feel of the last one, great composition, is it taken at 24mm? The 4th photo reminded me of my city of birth, it is exactly how a part of the city looks like when seen from the water. Btw, my D700 arrived today, I'm in love with it; unfortunately, I'm very sick (I can't even stand on my feet), so I just tested it indoors! Feels very solid and ... serious! :) I also appreciate the simple, direct title, it is indeed the story of a nice encounter.

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