Friday, April 15, 2011

Istanbul - final edit of the 12 hour shoot.

I have finally created my final edit of 12 hours of street photography on Istanbul. This previous page (link) explains the parameters and ideology behind this project. The other page (link) is a reflection of the process.

I will include a caption under the photography just the time frame it was taken within, and the quantity of photographs it was selected from; I've also added  brief explanation of why they were included.

Ironically enough these may not the best of the day - as I am now starting to see possible sets, and saving greater images for different posts that will follow. Hopefully however this will reflect 12 hours on the streets of this amazing city.

08:53-08:57 edit from 6
09:11-09:59 edit from 17
10:01-10:56 edit from 45
11:04-11:52 edit from 79
12:02-12:56 edit from 50
13:50-13:57 edit from 5
14:00-14:59 edit from 56
15:01-15:58 edit from 41
16:00-16:58 edit from 43
17:00-17:56 edit from 31
18:06-18:56 edit of 3
19:11-19:51 edit of 66
1.  I made a mistake here as I was running late and had taken too long getting ready and enjoying a heavy breakfast. This resulted in only 6 images to choose from. It was either the man who I ate with later, a street cat or some men working on a building site. I made this inclusion as I felt it represented the food in abundance in tourist areas.

2. I love this mans disinterested look regardless of the women lingerie - this was shot from the hip

3. This will form part of a series about freight being moved around. These men were moving these boxes by hand up steep side streets.

4. Areas of Istanbul are defined by stores this was the tool and machinery zone.

5. Sales of private lottery tickets not just from small carts but a well arranged business.

6. Only 5 images - I think it was at this point I wanted food. I was trying to compose this graffiti, when this woman walked into shot. Moments later the car just out of shot to the right moved in. This was one of those poetic photographic moments where everything falls into place.

7. I had to include this as I found the visual pun difficult to resist, I mean I guess they have satellite right?

8. I took a long walk along the Bosporus sea, many people sit and eat small lunches. This day only a handful of people braved the cold wind.

9. Some what a reflective image. The way the statue looks over some refuge.

10.  This has been included as it would represent the amount of stray animals. The Dogs are tagged and checked for rabies. However they sleep anywhere without a care for human traffic.

11.  Only of Three as the man in frame insisted that he visited his shop. I then must have spend nearly an hour looking over carpets - experiencing the hard sell. I guess there was an exchange of sorts, his photograph taken for my time.

12. The light was failing I visited the 'Blue Mosque' you could photograph anything but people praying. The roof structure inside was amazing. I'll post image from this later, however for me this symbolized the end of my day. With a low angle I was able to highlight this couple, once again pure poetry for twelve hours work.


Livia said...

Great photos, David. It is clear that you enjoyed Turkey and you found some very nice things there. I have always been attracted by Turkey's colours in the markets, on the streets, it's great you captured their vivid and dynamic atmosphere. I particularly love the photo of the man carrying those boxes and the couple sitting on the rocks - I actually love this more - somehow it may function as a symbol of Turkey, I guess - mainly because the woman has that scarf on her head, which is quite particular to the women in the Balkans.

David said...

Thanks Livia I was frustrated with the men carrying the boxes as I took a few - but it was at the time I was having issues with my camera, and I missed focusing on faces - plus I was at 2.8 so my depth of field was minimal. Hopefully I'll get time to edit more next week and post some mini essays!

John said...

These are really good! Really like them!

Zaz said...

i really like the last photo, its haziness too; the circle of iron from which lamps hang. it looks like it's outside but then we don't know: there is this wide column at the foreground?!?!?!

David said...

Thanks John! It was beautiful light inside Zaz and yeah that column does play tricks with perspective

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