Sunday, April 24, 2011

Analysis of photographers - Steven Lippman

A few weeks ago I attended a lecture given by Tom Ford of Getty (name needs to be verified dw)  One of the most valuable messages I gleaned, was the importance to keep photographing what you like. It is important to create a style that is your own, then to work around it and people will look for your work.

I am currently going through the process to define this myself, and create a new website which reflects this. I know this will take some time, and also a lot of failed attempts before I get it right. At the moment I'm looking at other photographers websites for inspiration.

I came across this photographer Steven Lippman (link) and was instantly drawn by this image

I love the close cropping and saturation of colours, it inspires me on account of it being a beautiful portrait. So it made me look further into his work.

Again another example of vibrant colours, which I'm sure Epson searched out. The background of the photographer is perhaps influenced from living in LA and growing up near the beaches surrounding. He also comes from a Skating and Surfing heritage / which again I'm sure has moulded his style and working practices.

From looking through his work it is evident that he composes his subjects to the right of the frame. I looked through lots of his work, and this does indeed follow through. He has a massive portfolio of impressive clients, and even some video direction in advertising clips.

The one area that I would consider a weakness is his Celebrity folio. I was disappointed with an otherwise impressive collection. Again a certain amount of framing to the right, but not only that but some un-inspiring photos. I do understand their are constraints, for example some celebrities have requirements. There is a time limit and no doubt creative control is constrained by contracts, but sadly none of his portraits capture the subjects soul - which to me is something I love to see and look for myself in that line of work.

All images reproduced from Steven Lippman for the purpose of study, and will be removed if requested by agents or photographer.

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