Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jewellery shoot - Ashley Hilton

After completing a different shoot here are the results. Again another stylist Ashley Hilton asked if I could photographer her concept. I was willing to help as I enjoyed the experience. This time it was for a 'futuristic  jewellery brand. The light effect was from a 'video projector' - issues that I had was the angle and avoiding shadows. Although it was always going to happen if they did - I would make a feature of it. I was really pleased with the results. In the end I had to raised the projector some ten feet off the floor and angle it down for the complete coverage. I'm thinking of using this effect again for something - what I'm not sure yet.

Originally I shot at 400 ISO but changed to 3200 to allow for a better shutter speed. Many of these were shot using a tripod but the lighter ones hand held. The tripod shots approx. 1/40 and the handheld 1/100


Zaz said...

ooh wow i love, the art direction is definatly good, did you also do pack shots on the model? were there magazine ads from this?

David said...

Hi Zaz, none were required as the images demanded more of a 'concept' although I thought it would have been a good idea. I need to get in contact with Ashley again and see what feedback she had!

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