Sunday, April 24, 2011


I have almost become obsessed with Blossom in the trees. A few years ago I tried to shoot a series on Medium format. I shot about three or four rolls, have them developed and was happy with only a handful. The biggest issue I face is the wind blowing the branches, regardless of focus and shutter speed it always has an effect I'm not happy with. Technically 1/125 or higher should freeze any movement, of course coupled with the right focal length it should good. So any way I tired again - only this time on Digital, handholding and shooting wide open at f2.8 to drop off the background.

Almost spelling out a word!

Although no Blossom I just love the 'Acid' Green against the Bottle Blue Sky
My only complaint this time was leaving it too late. I've been adoring these Blossoms for weeks, and now the leaves are turning yellow and flowers dropping..... next year though I'll perfect it!

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Zaz said...

funny... although in france, i've been eyeing the same kind of lavenderish pink blossoms.

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