Thursday, April 14, 2011

Istanbul - Police celebration

I've made a rough edit which I hope helps convey the message of the day. I didn't have any preconceptions of the procession. It was quite simply happening as we arrived. I'm going to add a caption to each of these, expressing why I included them in the presentation. Hopefully I can reflect upon this and gain a better skill at editing.

These Police/Cadets stood around in the square holding up the flag. Above a Helicopter transmitted live images: my reason for usage I felt it conveyed the interest and excitement

This helped express the colour and size of the banner/flag being carried

The start of the procession of the long banner through the main street. Police on board handed out Red and White Carnations to the public. Inclusion as it was part of the event.

A important feature again as use of a banner to describe the procession

Trying to convey the scale of the event

This was included as the main body of people walking were male, so I felt it necessary to include some of the women.

One of the side streets blocked off by Police - however in good nature. The one holding the flowers then passed on one of them to me. I wanted to include this as it showed the human element to the Police

This has been flipped so as to correct the flag: Included as part of the semiology

Water was offered free to passers by; the man third back in the Red cap captured my eye in during this.

Another higher angle to express the scale of the event

The release of 'ticker tape' which celebrated the completion of the procession

This was a golden moment as I turned this lady caught my eye. 

Pure concentration and desire to get the music right at the event

I thought this little boy was a great chance. It shows a real public spirit and how he is dressed in all the Police gear

Again another closer portrait of the boy. I think this like the older lady image adds a human, more real element to the event, and shows people enjoyed the proceedings 

This man is (name to add) was from my later understanding a former governor of Eastern Turkey. The area was very difficult and complex to manage. He is now the Governor of Istanbul. It was very difficult to take his photograph as I came across heavy security and other (Press) photographers. Ironically enough I saw him later walking with his security - but didn't approach him to take his photography - only now understanding his importance. Perhaps with a better local knowledge I would have come to this conclusion. 

Again this man is an actor who plays a Police chief on national television. I included this as the framing worked really well. I was also able to get very close to capture it. I look for this type of composition as it gives great flexibility for text to be overlaid in the out-of-focus areas.

Part of the display Police showed the various areas. I couldn't resist this photography... only if my own dog could be this obedient!

And the final image which acts as a punctuation mark to the essay.

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