Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mod shoot - Lois Saxton

The night before leaving for Istanbul a photo shoot  had been arranged for Lois Saxton. She is currently studying Styling at UCLan. The original brief was for location, although I was unable to assist due to work commitments. I had already a location in mind, although this perhaps will be used for something else.

A location shoot went ahead, although it was more of a ad-hock shoot taken by a University photographer. The results looked alright, however Lois's tutor asked that she had some studio shots taken. So I was back on board and my brief was set. I had for a guide the light and style of Zara website:

screen grab from Zara 
It was difficult at first as for my own feelings the lighting was amateur - in respect to uneven light on the faces, and shadows running up the background. Also composition was off centre and uncomfortable. However upon further research this is a current trend, something that is in high street advertising. The other aspect for consideration was that a feel of aging was required. I'd already been shown images from the other shoot, and I was asked if I could duplicate the colours. It wasn't too difficult as all that was needed was de-saturation. I've added several images below.

In retrospect and having more time I think I would have 'killed' the other background light, and shot just with one Soft box. It also wasn't weighted for a the size, so I had little direction. On the whole the Lois was pleased with the results and they fitted in with the other images - from a different photographer.

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