Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sam Jones Pictures!

I am finding myself drawn to portraits and looking at all current trends and styles of photography. In a previous blog entry (link) I looked at the work of Steven Lippman. Although I was rather critical of some of his portraiture, I still admire his work; but found he lacked a certain edge that I was looking for and today I found it! this of course is in the work of Sam Jones.

Sam Jones started his photographic career as a photojournalist for the Associated Press (seeing where the edge is coming from) and his current work has been used from Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, CQ and many more. It looks like he is now moving towards directing films, although is 2007 he published a book titled 'The Here And Now' - which was where I discovered his work.

What I find interesting is the connection firstly with his style developed through photojournalism, then through the commercial application of his work. Not only for the obvious commission of celebrities through publications, but how the application of his style has followed through. Looking through his site (link: Sam Jones) his covers and ads sections feature many 'Bill board' adverts for films, Movie posters and even advertising for various clients such a Omega and Honda. Perhaps one of his most prestigious works was to photograph President Obama for Rolling Stone! Although not featured below I've 'screen grabbed' some of his work I really enjoy and aspire to attain.

The informal approach and getting to know your subject passions

Beautiful light with drop focus her hair matching the grass all the colours in harmony.

Just love the fun element and shooting something your subject enjoys! 

Very cool and nice framing of the subjects in the car.

A great fun natural looking frame; the following shows an argument between Steve Martin and 'Batter'

What a great subject, Will's humor and comedy grace comes through.

Drop focus - something I'm looking to investigate in the studio, and has been employed in my street portraits - although problematic in technical issues relating to focusing planes.

All images used are for evaluation purposes only and will be removed upon request.

In summary his photographic work stems from a Photojournalist background, which has developed his style into a commercial practice. I can see that if I was looking to commission a Photographer which could represent this style then his work would suit. I can only really comment that I'm not sure about that music playing on his website - although I adore the flash element to the humming bird being painted. All things to consider in my own sites construction.

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