Sunday, May 8, 2011

Israel - the next step

The next photographic project I am looking to pursue will expand upon Istanbul - city portraits. I intend to re-visit the city perhaps next year. I outlined this in my conclusion of the book. Also learning from the project I now understand I need a deeper understanding of a country. Hopefully this will result in a more educated compilation of imagery.

Although it is not long before I depart for Israel, I have a basic understanding of the country. I have begun my research and started to read; 'The Palestine - Israeli Conflict by Dan Cohn-Sherbok & Dawould El-Alami" The book is broken into two parts, the first written from a Jewish perspective, the second A Palestinian perspective. Hopefully this will provide some necessary background information, but also given both sides to a political situation.

I am also aware of the issue regarding an entrance stamp to this country, will possibly cause problems when entering neighboring countries. However as many are involved in conflict this becomes less of an issue. Although not impossible this consideration has already been evaluated.

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