Friday, November 5, 2010


During my research for my Passport project I came across this tool on-line. I am trying to find some work on measuring the face and seeing how these figures are used, in cataloguing people into 'types' I thought I'd post the link in case anyone else would like to do it. Then perhaps you might share your % This is my screen capture of how the program measures:

This was a screen Grab of the 79.7% result

I then opted to see what my face would look like completely symmetrical

Two rather odd results
 It's something that perhaps may help and lead to another avenue to explore or maybe not at all. But still may have another go, as of course in terms of gaining that percentage, a certain degree of user error has to come into play. I mean looking at these results do I want to be 100% and is anyone completely symmetrical and what would it say about them? One thing for certain as part of immigration and passport control, Biometrics are becoming more important and is there a degree of analysing or cataloguing in place.

Thanks to Symmeter for use of images captured.

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