Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Surveillance style shoot

Today I had a great chance to work with one of the Stylists that we met on the Fleetwood shoot. (link) I was asked if I'd cover a project producing some images of their concept. The brief for them was along the lines of taking a television show, and reproducing their own costume and theme for a shoot. Leanne's was of 'Only Fools and Horses' - so we had a 'Del-boy-esque' look, Sheepskin coat, flat cap, brief case, thin neck tie, shirt and of course watches inside the coat. My role was to capture surveillance looking images. So for me this was a long lens (70-300) used on my Nikon D80 made it up to around 450 mm. This worked okay to a extent, but the aperture wasn't great enough for my liking. In the end I resulted to using the Nikon D700 which produced virtually noiseless images at a high ISO.

The shoot went really well with some great images, lots of surprised people and many people reacting by showing their own watches. It did feel a little risqué on the side of ethics, but to the extent that a lot of people knew after, and took it in good standing. I've just returned from delivering the images to Leanne, and she was very pleased. Already I've been promised feedback from her tutor, which is always good and the promise of more work in the future. A great opportunity to build up a rapport with other students, in turn may end up recommending or collaborating in the future for paid work.

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