Friday, November 5, 2010

Katie Price phenomenon

I had a great experience, 'The Katie Price experience' today. I will let some of the images talk for themselves. I had no intention of photographing Katie, but more so the people and how it effected them. Looking more at the phenomenon, but of course with a DSLR could I resist trying to capture her?

I'll add a little sub story in another blog - something that happened along the way, which to me was of interest, rather paradoxical if anything. But for now here are a few from my rough edit.

Some pictures title themselves

One guy hid himself from the picture and another just looked at something else

Yes I did!

Again follow the eyes

The security guard in the middle refused to have his picture taken outside

And which at this point I was asked to leave, but I stopped and asked if I could take this guys picture. He said, 'sure, f**k 'em'

silent pictures speak the loudest


John said...

Like the guy who said 'sure, f**k 'em'. What was he doing there? How come you were asked to leave?

David said...

Thanks John, I think he was a fan looking for a sneak peek of her. They'd got funny about photographers being present in the store. And due to Katie's request we were all told to leave. If you have a look at the latest blog, I've just posted the story :)

David said...

p.s. what was even funnier was he had his one 'gun' hand inside his jogging pants, holding onto his 'weapon' prior to this picture.... priceless!

John said...

Ha ha. Guenuine class. Loved the story of the second part and the photographs of the photographers.

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