Saturday, November 6, 2010

Katie Price part 2.

A tale to two tales.... well something happened that day which I thought was rather paradoxical. I had been up and down the line, photographed people from a distance then closer, and finally in a candid manner to get more natural looking shots. I then got talking to one of the press photographers, he was from the Lancashire evening post. He was very friendly and offered advise that we'd get a chance of taking Katie's picture, as she normally allowed a few minutes before the signing. Although this wasn't my aim, I thought I wouldn't want to miss out. I then went over and tried to start a conversation with the paparazzi - this was somewhat forced and I was looked at as an outsider. I didn't really care as I chatted to fans waiting, security guards and anyone else. I'd try and glean any information, and look at all angles.

Then suddenly I noticed these 'Pap' boys running down the side street following a silver BMW 7 series, this was it Katie's side entrance. It wasn't hard to figure out, and would it be a trick? as I charged in pursuit I fixed my SB900 to my camera, set it to manual high HZ for continuous shooting. I found myself blocked off by the press, so I held up my camera high and angled it down. Suddenly the door opened and out came her stylist, the security guard then barked, 'get back' - as we already stood some 8-10 feet away, I couldn't really get his attitude. Replies chanted 'we are back' - and 'how far away do you want us' (in a sarcastic tone) He looked p*ssed at us and gave a menacing stare (now glad of my barrier) I stood my ground and laughed, then suddenly a smiling Katie sprung out of her car, and with a blink of an eye - flash guns blazing she'd gone!
 I walked back and heard murmurs and looked at photographers reviewing images. It was great I'd come so close to seeing her, and experienced what no doubt these guys get on a daily hit. I separated myself from this group and slide inside the store. I thought I'd use my non-press status to get some candid shots. It was great seeing all the fans jumping, shrieking as news travelled that she'd arrived. I skulked around inside Waterstones avoiding the security - for some reason they'd got it in for any 'professional looking photographers' - using bullying techniques. I'd already be-friended one and was chatting away to her. Then suddenly we were told to leave, they said they were closing the store to all non-Katie Price customers? this was crazy and just like a pub closing time they herded everyone out. Slowly letting cueing fans filter through.
 When I was outside I found myself lining up with these photographers. I waited to hear the sentence to be delivered by the store. This girl had come out and said, 'Katie doesn't want any photographers in the store, and no pictures to be taken of her signing'. This of course made all these guys mad. I didn't care as I wasn't there to photograph her. I mean I could understand their frustration as many had travelled from as far as Southampton. The reaction was typical of paparazzi - 'well you as Waterstones look stupid, you don't get advertising. We will just write up a story saying Katie has a hizzy fit and closes book signing down'.

Once she'd left this lad came along. She wanted to know what was happening. Again aloof the photographers ignored her questions. But I didn't and as she asked everyone to take her picture, I though yeah sure. So I did.
 I guess the difference was that these guys had to get a picture. The sole aim was to capture an image of Katie Price, then sell it to make money and earn a living. For me the real story was the fans and the energy that the event carried. Seeing how people reacted, the excitement, the waiting (some since 6.30AM) that was the real story, reactions, people touched by an idol to themselves.
The Irony was to this whole tale, I spoke to that same lady who delivered the news to the paparazzi. She explained that the reason why Katie had changed her mind, was due to her arrival being attacked my photographers. So by their very own actions they killed any chance of that illusive picture. And in response to this they will print stories of retaliation, thus fuelling media/celebrities love hate relationships. I will admit I was a small part in flash guns blazing - but really for one day would you not want to try?

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