Friday, November 5, 2010

Katie Price in Preston

I'm writing this in preparation for no doubt in many peoples lives will be the highlight of their year. I myself have been fascinated of the journey of 'Jordan' to now Ms. Price. The page three, lads mag. pin up, to media toy and self acclaimed author with no less than four autobiographies by the age of 32. That's four lives over - amazing. But sill none the less I'll find myself watching her television documentary and getting drawn in.

So when I see that she is visiting Preston on the 5th of November (postponed from October) I couldn't but help it would be worth seeing the fans. I'm not interested in seeing the woman herself, just the fans.... see what people turn up to the book signing. I did already drive by on my way back home, and already a line had formed (9.32) outside the book store. It's now 11.36 so I'll be getting changed, checking my camera and seeing what I can capture. I'm honestly not looking to see her, but hey maybe a rear entrance to the store? who knows.... images to follow!

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