Saturday, November 20, 2010

Painting with light

Last night after I finished work, I found myself driving back through the city centre (Preston) and came across these lights. I knew I wanted to capture these, so tonight again after work (9.30PM) I returned with my camera and recorded this event.

 I believe what is happening is that across the country? they are painting buildings with light? I'm only questioning this as I was approached by a few couples that had been out looking at them. I was asked, 'was this on the TV this morning where they are making buildings fall apart with light' - I wasn't sure,but another couple told me they'd seen approx. 6 other building in the city centre light this way.
 So these are the lights covered in these waterproof domes, and supplied by generators for power.

 It was at this point I knew I'd capture light trails from car headlights. But what I didn't expect was some girls pass by offering me pictures of their chests... this is another project in the making. Idea pending from the past!
 This time another site. In Winkley Square Preston. The building wasn't that interesting so I turned the camera on the street.

And then finally on the sky. All of this again gives me ideas and ways I would like to explore light at night and in more diverse aspects of photography


Theresia said...

hey cool! i saw that stuff last night :)

David said...

This is amazing found the link of what was happening earlier this month, thankfully they return later next month. Check out this link, video is very cool!

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