Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fleetwood fashion shoot reportage

I've been meaning finish these images for an age. A few post ago (link) I exressed the enjoyment in processing film, but then also the way altered images come about. Well these are the images that will be passed on to the stylists along with others for my side of the day.

I love the chance narrative that happens in this pictures framing


Livia said...

The second one is precious, indeed. I also like the pattern in the third one as well as the emotion in the 4th one. Would love to see you in action in the darkroom, might help me to learn more. :)

David said...

Thanks Livia I love that second one, but also the forth with that emotional moment caught. I'm really starting to think more along these lines. I had a chat with Steve and he's given me some good feedback - which is inspiring me in this direction.

And yes sure any time. We should plan something and take out a medium format, I can give you some tips and even print results in the darkroom

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