Friday, October 15, 2010

Contemporary verses Classical Ballet

One of my projects is starting to come together. I have been talking to friend who is a Classical trained Ballet dancer, she is now moving into Contemporary Ballet/Dance. Some of the differences comprise of form changes with breathing, contractions against classical forms, going on/off point, types of clothing no longer tight lines, but free flowing to distort the form, and thus going against the Classical training.

So last night we started a series of images, looking into contradictions and highlighting them through poses, lightning effects and so on. I've added one of the results from last night. Single light, Barn doors, Honeycomb filter on a Black paper background. Light effects were added in post production, and are indicative of Romanticism.

I think this is going to lead onto more studio sessions, but also following classroom lessons and possibly lead onto a recreation of Degas paintings? 

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