Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rights and Responsibilites

Following on from a Lecture on Monday the 4th of October by Steve Speed, the idea of 'our rights' and more so in the case 'responsibilities' as Photographers is something that has been moving around in my mind. It's been something that has been mentioned in previous lectures, and the more I think, the more ethical we must become.

Post Production has become so massive and simplistic that images can be changed and altered to suit an altered message from that which could have been intended. I'm directing these thoughts to an image I came across online that had been entered into a public competition. And what I believe in the Photographer has abused his/her responsibilities in submitting with disregard for his subject.

The brief was as follows: "The 7 Deadly Sins, used since the advent of Christianity, are the most objectionable vices which beckon humans to sin. This challenge explores "acedia" (also known as "sloth" or "despair"), its most basic definition being "the failure to utilize one's talents and gifts; laziness; indifference". There are numerous ways to interpret this with imagery and it is now up to your creativity and perhaps a little research to come up with something that portrays this "deadly sin".

The winning image was voted by the subscribers to this popular website, and titled by the Photographer as "Malt Liqour 9AM"

Now in what I find objection to in this image, is the disregard to the subject in which way her image has been used. Was she asked if she would mind being portrayed as a lazy, sloth like, greedy person, who is drinking liquor at 9AM? do we know the real story behind the image? for all we know she may work 48 hours a week, and ending a night shift? she may be carrying said booze for her father, husband etc. The social and economic situation she is in? where she lives etc. The Photographer in my mind has shown a lack of respect and responsibility to his subject.

I will credit the picture to the photographer and remove if required, although the use is purely intended for research purposes. I only know the winners name to be Brick33308.

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