Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From last weeks fashion shoot

I've been working through some edits from last week when I helped Antonio. I had my camera with me to capture some reportage images I thought I'd share some, these three I think work well together... more so if you view them all side by side.... I'll try and use this layout on the blog.

I'll add some of the models pictures next, but sometimes turning the camera on the surroundings offers greater chance images.


AntoniGeorgiev said...

Just a piece of creative advice:I never keep an image that is b&w with the highlights at value 255, in other words I don`t have pure white in none of my b&w`s. It`s liek an unwritten rule ;)

David said...

Personally I think it's a creative decision, ideally looking at these I think as a group I would crop off the top, however individual images they need the space.

Regarding 255 I always look for a full tonal range from 0 value to 255 - any image if you look at levels should always have some pixel range covering this. For myself I'm a black and white film printer, and I've always printed with high contrast - full white to deep black - that's just my style - be it creatively against some unwritten rule

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