Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sounds from all around

This morning I followed a drift, I suppose mixed in with some Flaneur for inspiration. I already knew where I was partly going as I had seen somethings before that I wanted to explore more. I have a post for this soon coming up, however what struck me was how audio sometimes effects the image. A case in point was some pictures I started to take, in a locked walk through. I had to stand with my lens resting on the gate, but the noises I heard haunted me. I have an audio file I will convert, and post with the images soon.

Later after editing images this afternoon, I walked to the local chip shop. As I left I had a surreal moment, as images I had captured this morning now had come to life. I'd started at 2-D images, and now I walked around, exploring sounds, smells, the feeling of the ground under my feet. I arrived at the Chip shop, overhearing a conversation about 'Gassing people, and Babies buried'? the dialect was of more interest to me and beckoned me some how record them. Incidentally I didn't plan on buying Chips, I had set off to buy a sandwich.... I guess that's just the way things go.

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