Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flaneur walk inspires

So I had an inspiring walk this morning, despite a slow start and what I thought was poor lighting didn't turn out so bad. I really should have made the most of those Blue skies days ago. However I have asome great ideas. I noticed this place a few days ago.

What caught my eye to start with was the detail to the right of where I'm typing right now. I not really quite sure if this happen in construction, or it was intended in repairs, but i love it and it inspires me on the quest for the architecture in and around Preston that is hidden and ignored.

Aside from this the whole building is of interest to me possible as a project. I was talking to a friend last night, she has lived in Preston most of her life. It seems that one of her Aunties used to work in the building. This is perfect as I will arrange to interview her, and ask if I can take her portrait in front of the building. Same composition as this image. This will tie in with some other social portraiture projects I have planned.

Also it seems that my friend may now the current owner, or at least have some contact. So I'm hoping that a visit inside might be an option - If I marry that with an interview and possible guided tour from this lady, I might be able to combine and Audio/Visual piece.

I have some other images that I've taken, but rather than post all on this blog, I'll only use one or two and the rest can be in a scrap book. I did consider an online gallery but it a lot of resizing and cropping images would be involved.

Along the same walk I discovered a passageway off the main road. What I found was a contrast of natural beauty amongst bricks and mortar. I really liked the look of the passage, so it's sometimes what you discover than inspires.

I also mentioned in a previous blog entry 'Sounds all around', That Audio effected my images and what I chose to capture. I'll add an image and then see if I can get the sound file to upload as a video clip

Hopefully this will work and you'll sample the sounds. I'll let you guess what it was in the comments section. What struck me was how you enter into a frame of conciseness, to capture, express and absorb the environment throws back clips and sensations to enhance your memory. I'm now starting to think of carrying some kind of digital voice recorder to compliment my journeys. 

Walk taken today

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