Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Listening Post

A few months ago I visited the Science Museum in London, amongst all the exhibits one stood out from the rest. The reason why I'm posting this now, is as I'm in the University library and the background chatter, snippits of converstaion take me back.

The instalation is funded by the Art Council and well worth a visit. Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin's Listening Post immerses us in a rhythm of computer-synthesised voices reading, or singing out, a fluid play of real-time text fragments. The fragments are sampled from thousands of live, unrestricted internet chatrooms, bulletin boards and other online public forums. They are uncensored and unedited.

The Project appeals to our voyeurist nature, without prompting I'll tune in and out of conversation. Moments in time, peoples exitement, anger, joy a whole range is experienced when you are fixed in a busy public space. Perhaps without knowing parts of this conversation, your web posts, chat room moments maybe reproduced on the Listening Post?

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