Sunday, October 10, 2010

this morning....

Last night was something... Beer festival in Preston, followed by a late night in the Sun Inn, then takeaway and a Taxi home. I'd been working until 9 so it was a long day, followed by some good but heavy drinking.  All of this of course leads to an altered frame of mind the following day.

I was awake early as both myself and Mary were off to Church, thankfully the service was being held at St. Johns 9.30AM so it would leave the day open. The service lasted for around an hour, and towards the end I noticed the light filtering through the Stained Glass window, it made me smile as I felt the warmth from the sun heat my face. I felt relaxed and energized. Once we left walking along the main high street, I kept looking down the side streets. The light was amazing it was breaking through the drab, gray lifeless scene, instantly I wanted my camera. I wanted to capture, explore and share my vision. But this wasn't possible, sure I had a camera phone but it wouldn't resolve what I could see in all the infinite details, and nuances of the light ballet.

So in reflection of this, I now will make a promise once my new camera arrives. I shall carry it everywhere, it will become a lumbering weight that will mold to arm, by body and provide the expression I seek to capture.


Carl O'Keeffe said...

which new camera?

new toys are great,

David said...

Nikon D700 and 24-70 f2.8 :)

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