Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anthony - Exhibition

The exhibition was complete and finally presented on the wall. We had great help from Darren who worked really hard, and seemly quite slow; however when you stood back and absorbed the layout the time taken was evident.

We opened slightly later than planned, however a good turn out of students and lectures attended. I’d like to think we had some members of the public, although we didn’t really advertise the exhibition. Although this is fundamental to any success, I felt that the main consensus was that it wasn’t so important; as more the journey getting to exhibit was intrinsic.

I am writing this and posting on day two. I’m sat at the exhibition, and have just shown several people around. It was enjoyable explaining about the project, and providing some background to each work. I had a nice comment from an international student, he said “it’s a good thing that you did” – in response to my project ‘Anthony’ – I took pride in receiving this as I believed him to be sincere.

I’ve also quoted two other comments left so far:

Lots of ideas, lots of emotions and memories captured and shared! Brilliant! Good luck. Anna.

Interesting documentary work, with an anthropological element. Some I found to be very technically strong. Well done. Chris F.

The exhibition will run for another three days. Already I have plans for other projects relating to creating more ‘photo essays’ but with a wide appeal. The medium for a book is something I would like to exploit further. I enjoy the level of intimacy it creates, although for my own preference I prefer a print for impact.

Upon reflection I am excited in the opportunity it will bring, but also saddened as it marks a point in our course. The next exhibition of course will be greater and include more images, so the cycle continues, but what a good start!

The venue from the 17th of January until the 21st, 2011
Carl's Sensorium a video installation
Theresia's 'The Real Woman?'
Marrianne's 'Collective newspaper'

A view of the Gallery
'Let Skype in'
Livia's book 'Skype'
My own project 'Anthony' - The book
Postcard produced with my email
The delayed print arrives today!
 And finally the proper print arrives (see posting dates) - so tomorrow I will have to take my frame down and re-mount the intended print.

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