Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Although this assignment is part of a different module, I felt as it has effected part of my practice, and perhaps starting to steer my aims I'd include a summary.

The project I have just completed and entered into a book format (self published via blurb) was a photo essay, which would hopefully tell the story of my fathers life - which as a child I have very little memory. My premise was that I would revisit the town in Wales where I was born, and raised, and to utilise photo elicitation to recall some memories. The completed book will be on display, at the Equator cafe, Preston along with my fellow students work this coming Monday.

What this experience taught me was multifaceted. I did indeed elicit stories and memories, however just as many by being at that place. Sharing that time and the completion of a book, is something that will always last for a long time. I suppose this is why I have such a firm attachment to photography, it helps retain some memory. speak volumes without breathing a breath. The photographs are not intended to be 'pretty' or of subjects that we would want to see, just every day life. The normal sublime that passes by - however at a given time or moment a memory can be created, and forged into that place to be recounted at another date.

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