Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The complete Bible reading 28th of November 2010

The complete Bible reading.

In the Church of St.Johns, Preston. The Minster took upon the task of reading the entire Bible. This was of course split amongst members of the congregation, visiting Bishops and priests and many members of the Parish.

I've actually added the text from Father Andrew's blog. (priest featured in the images below) It sums up the reasons and event better than I can. However I will 'speak' with my own images:

"Over the past few days, we have read the entire Bible in Preston Minster. Why? Firstly, to mark the Year of the Bible which is just beginning and secondly and more importantly, for grace - grace for the Diocese and the Church and grace to respond to the words of God. We used the King James version mainly and it took about 82 hours, non stop, all day and all night. "

I took about an hour to complete this assignment, using my tripod  - I also allowed the exposures to become very dark as I wanted to capture the atmosphere of night and reflection.


vlute said...
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John said...

The lighting on these is fantastic - it really brings across the atmosphere.

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