Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ed Thompson

Today whilst I was researching other photographers in a similar field chosen by me. I came across Ed Thompson, I had a look through his website and thought I'd contact him. I had a reply straight away, and said he's be happy to answer any questions. I explained that I'd come up with questions and get back to him. I've added a link to his site, as I didn't want to infringe on any copyright.

He studied at KIAD (where Tracey Emin studied) Maidstone, then for his MA the London college of Communications. I've posted a quote from the email when I was asking about the reading matter, that he would have looked at during that time.

"Documentary is life, and your life dictates your photographic style, not just the photography books you read but the music you like, the food you eat, the people you love etc I hate conceptual photographers who go, oh yeah, this work is now about painting and that's why i'm clever and that's why it's valid etc I don't have a set methodolgy apart from the love of life and seeing." - Ed.

I'll update a post soon with a follow up.

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