Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A break for Christmas...

This has always been in my mind that I needed to update my blog and keep projects rolling. I'm going to post assigments that took place over the period. Although moving home, new puppy and parents for the Christmas period all made good excuses... not forgetting a project for exhibition.

This coming year is going offer even more challenges. We have been given the go ahead to use Canterbury Cathedral for our Wedding. This year will see the end of the Masters course, and the start of a new direction in my career path. So right now as I sit here just waiting and thinking, I know that a lot is going to happen all of which is amazing. I feel really lucky that I have this opportunity, and for once in my life I'll not let it slip away.

Okay enough of that and back to the following projects. I'm going to try and post in order of completion so as to keep the narrative flowing.

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